Welcome to my very first Blog!

I decided to start this blog as I am a keen baker.  Because of this I decided to bake for a Home Industry which I did for about a year.  It was hard work and eventually it took all the joy out of baking when I was in the kitchen sometimes for 14 hours at a time.

I now bake only when I entertain,  or when I want to keep the biscuit barrel full (hence the name of my blog!).  I have collected recipes for about 40 years and have a huge collection of recipe books and magazine pages in dozens of files.

Bear with me if there is not much to look at in the beginning but I would like to photograph the end results and this will take time as I won’t be baking every day.  Eventually I might expand with savoury dishes as well but this is a start.  Feel free to leave any comments!

This blogging business is new to me (and entails a huge learning curve!) so bear with me until I get it the way I want it.

Having said that, watch out for my first recipe which is my favourite rusk recipe.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my very first Blog!

  1. I have not had a chance to use any of these very delicious looking recipes, but will definetly be giving them a try soon. Thank you for your hard work for the likes of us to enjoy. I look forward to all the new recipes, keep up the good, hard work and a very big WELL DONE!

  2. I am not a baker by any means and my sweet tooth must be the size of a fleas, but I lucked upon your blog during a recipe search and have discovered some delicious looking recipes. Very much appreciated and keep up the great effort!

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