Bran Loaf

This recipe came from a work colleague who used to ask me on a fairly regular basis to type them out for him .  Naturally I always kept a copy for myself (with his permission, of course!)  Thanks John.

Bran Loaf


250 ml mixed dried fruit (cake mixture)

200 ml soft brown sugar

375 ml digestive bran

250 ml milk


250 ml self-raising flour

200 ml chopped cherries and/or walnuts (optional)


1 egg

80 ml sunflower oil

Mix well and pour into a greased and lined loaf pan.

Bake at 160 C for approximately 45 minutes.


9 thoughts on “Bran Loaf

  1. Hi Pam, Maxdog sent me. My Mommy loves to cook. Your blog is awesome, she is going to check out your recipes. I hope I can eat some of the yummy stuff she makes.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Hi Pamela

    I was searching for a pic of bran and found your bran loaf. I make one very similar but it doesn’t use the egg and oil. Just 1 cup bran, fruit, milk, 1.5 cup sugar – soak then add self raising flour and 1 tsp mixed spice. Live in Guernsey in Channel Islands and we are launching new website tomorrow. Brilliant recipes, thanks. Would love to use your pic of bran loaf if that’s ok?

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