Chinese Cabbage and Noodle Salad

I just love the colours in this impressive salad and it is very popular when served at a dinner party or function.  It has a lovely crunch to it too as long as you add the dressing and crunchy bits at the last minute.

Chinese Cabbage and Noodle Salad

Approx ¼ of a large red cabbage or two baby red cabbages

1 pack sugar snap peas (mangetout)  (or a little more)

1 pack baby corn

1 pack spring onions (shallots)

Few sliced baby carrots

100 grams slivered almonds

1½  packets x 2-minute noodles (discard the flavouring)

Chop/slice first 5 ingredients to desired size and set aside

Grill almonds & noodles (separately) for a few minutes until crisp and slightly golden.


100 ml olive oil

3 heaped dessert spoons brown sugar

60 ml vinegar

15 ml soy sauce

1 chicken stock cube (or 2 teas. chicken stock powder)

Bring to the boil all dressing ingredients and allow to cool.  Pour over salad just before serving, then add nuts and noodles and mix in.


  • Add noodles/nuts just before serving otherwise they become soggy
  • Better to grill nuts and noodles separately as they take different times to brown
  • Quantities are flexible
  • If you don’t use all the noodles/nuts, store in an airtight container for use later

4 thoughts on “Chinese Cabbage and Noodle Salad

    • Karen, I had a look at your recipe and it sounds great and very similar. I LOVE sesame seeds so they will make a great addition. I had no idea what ramen was so searched on the internet and found it’s the same as our two-minute noodles. I got my recipe from my sister, Barb, who got it from a friend so I have no idea where it originated, but wherever it came from it’s a great one! Thanks for your input. 🙂

  1. Hey there, Pam.
    Thanks for all the recipes – they look yummy. I am certainly going to try this one. I just feel a bit of an idiot because…..Does one put water in those noodles (as per packet instructions) and then grill them, or are do we grill them dry?
    Luv C

    • Hi Caryl,

      The noodles must be dry. When they are grilled they become lovely and crunchy. Once they are mixed with the dressing, however, they loose their crunch rather quickly so that’s why they must be added at the last minute. Hope you enjoy it!

      Love P

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