Crumbed Baked Haddock

This dish has a lot of flavour and is easy to prepare when you don’t have much time.  You can leave out the onion, garlic  and peppers if you wish, and even the crumbs on top in order to make it even simpler.  In fact that is the way I have always prepared this dish but today I thought I would add these additional ingredients which greatly improved an already flavoursome dish.  Either way it’s a winner.

500 g frozen smoked haddock fillets (no need to thaw)


1 onion, sliced

half a green bell pepper (sliced)

2 cloves garlic, crushed

cheese sauce

crumbs (I used a mixture of breadcrumbs and seasoned cornflake crumbs)

finely grated parmesan


Place the frozen smoked haddock fillets in an ovenproof dish.  Spread a little chutney on each.

Fry the onion and green pepper in a little oil.  When almost done turn down the heat and add the garlic.  Fry for a minute or two more and then place this mixture on top of the fish.

Make a cheese sauce and pour this over the fish and vegetables.

Mix the breadcrumbs and cornflake crumbs together and sprinkle on top.  Lastly sprinkle a little parmesan cheese over this and bake at 180 C for 30 minutes.


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