Welcome to my recipe blog! My name is Pamela and I live in Johannesburg in sunny South Africa with my husband (who has a sweet tooth) and son (who will only eat sweet fare if  it contains chocolate!).   I have always enjoyed baking and have collected so many recipes over the years that I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.  Your comments will be welcome – there is always room for improvement!   Enjoy browsing through these recipes and if you try any please feel free to rate them – I would love to know how they turned out.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations Pam! Excellent! You are full of surprises.
    Lokk forward to trying out some for myself. I can send you
    two of my favourites if you think you could use them.
    The first is a carrot cake like no other, ex America. and the other is a health bread with multiple options.
    Anyhow, good luck and happy baking for the Biscuit Barrel.
    Perhaps you could help me to start a blog?

  2. Not sure if my first email got through so trying again. Please could you tell me what 15ml baking powder means in your bacon, onion and cheese pinwheels. I can do grams, ounces and spoons, but having difficulty in working out ml for solid ingredients.

    Best wishes

    Judith Manners

    • Hi Judith

      Sorry I have taken so long to reply to your question. I am not on my blog much these days. I hope it’s not too late but 15 ml of baking powder is 3 teaspoons. 5ml is the equivalent of one teaspoon.


      Pam Halgreen

  3. Hi Pam

    I came across your page and am so hoping that you can help me. In about 1993, the You Magazine published a recipe of a square chocolate cake in which you use about a 1kg block of chocolate. You chop up some of the chocolate into the cake and then use the rest as an icing. I used to make this cake and my husband loved it, but then I lost the recipe and have tried everything to try and find it to no avail…I was really hoping you or one of your readers may have it and could pass it on to me, I would really appreciate it.


    • Hi Sue

      Thanks for your query regarding the chocolate cake in the You Magazine. Unfortunately I am not familiar with that recipe although I have a huge collection of recipes from the magazine. If I come across it I will pass it on to you.


  4. Hi Pam,
    I stumbled across your blog while searching for a recipe ( as you do ) I was immediately taken that you are S.African and being an ex-pat myself I was immediately drawn to all the wonderful recipes that are so innovative adn typically South African some of which remind me of the good old days . I am really searching for a Boston Loaf recipe. Long ago you could buy a fabulous malted barrel shaped fruit loaf that was also spiced and my mother used to lather it with butter.

    Do you perhaps know of such recipe ?



  5. Hi Pam. This is just lovely. I grew up in Zimbabwe and now live in Toronto, Canada…your recipes make me homesick. I have made your lemon flan countless times and its a HIT all the time! I have your blog bookmarked and refer to it all the time. Thank you!

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