Fruity Trifle

This is a very good dessert on a hot summer’s day and it is my favourite dessert to make on New Year’s day after a barbeque.

l packet red jelly

1 packet green jelly

1 swiss roll or sponge cake

apricot jam


l large can fruit salad or fruit cocktail (or 2 smaller cans)

custard (I used ready-made custard but you can make your own)

250 ml cream

chocolate shavings for decoration

Make jelly using 365 ml water for each one.  Place in fridge until partly set.

Cut the swiss roll or sponge cake and spread apricot jam on each slice.  Pack the slices into a fairly large glass bowl.  Pour as much sherry as you like over the slices.  If you don’t want to use sherry you could use fruit juice.

Pour on the partly-set jellies, arranging different colours, opening up cake slices with a knife so that the jelly falls to the bottom.  Pour the custard over, also opening up the cake slices and make sure the mixture is covered with the custard.  Place in refrigerator until set.

Beat the cream and spoon or pipe over the top.  Decorate with chocolate shaving and cherries if desired.

If you wish you can sprinkle some chopped dates and chopped almonds on the cake slices before adding the fruit salad.