Beat and Bake Lemon Loaf

This cake is so quick and easy to make and is deliciousy light.  Everything gets thrown in a bowl and mixed together.  What could be more simple?  Even the icing on top takes the minimum of effort.  It freezes well too.  Double the recipe and make two if you wish and keep one in the freezer for when you need a cake in a hurry.

125 grams very soft butter

180 grams flour

180 grams sugar

10 ml baking powder

2 eggs

125 ml milk

5 ml vanilla essence

Put all ingredients in a bowl and beat well for 3 minutes.  Pour into a greased and lined loaf pan and bake at 180 C for approximately 55 minutes.

For the icing mix icing sugar and lemon juice together and spread over the cake once it has cooled.