Chinese Cabbage and Noodle Salad

I just love the colours in this impressive salad and it is very popular when served at a dinner party or function.  It has a lovely crunch to it too as long as you add the dressing and crunchy bits at the last minute.

Chinese Cabbage and Noodle Salad

Approx ¼ of a large red cabbage or two baby red cabbages

1 pack sugar snap peas (mangetout)  (or a little more)

1 pack baby corn

1 pack spring onions (shallots)

Few sliced baby carrots

100 grams slivered almonds

1½  packets x 2-minute noodles (discard the flavouring)

Chop/slice first 5 ingredients to desired size and set aside

Grill almonds & noodles (separately) for a few minutes until crisp and slightly golden.


100 ml olive oil

3 heaped dessert spoons brown sugar

60 ml vinegar

15 ml soy sauce

1 chicken stock cube (or 2 teas. chicken stock powder)

Bring to the boil all dressing ingredients and allow to cool.  Pour over salad just before serving, then add nuts and noodles and mix in.


  • Add noodles/nuts just before serving otherwise they become soggy
  • Better to grill nuts and noodles separately as they take different times to brown
  • Quantities are flexible
  • If you don’t use all the noodles/nuts, store in an airtight container for use later